Rethink Lead Generation

Learn to transform your lead generation results through innovative approaches to your website, SEO, content marketing, ABM, and referrals.

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    If your lead gen needs a Red Bull, Tom’s book is here.

    Ann Handley
    Chief Content Officer
    at MarketingProfs and bestselling author

    Drive More Leads

    If you’re frustrated with your lead generation results and you’re looking to turn things around, this book is for you. Rethink Lead Generation teaches you how to think differently to unleash growth. Read the book and uncover strategies to leverage extreme creativity, lateral thinking, and marketing innovation to attract more attention, leads, and revenue.


    Ann Handley
    If your lead gen needs a Red Bull, Tom’s book is here.
    Ann Handley CCO, MarketingProfs and Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author
    April Dunford
    This is a must-read book for folks that want to inject more creativity and lateral thinking into their lead generation efforts. If your lead generation strategy is stuck in the ditch, Rethink Lead Generation is a tow truck to get you back out on the freeway.
    April Dunford Author of Obviously Awesome
    Sarah Fay
    If you think lead generation is a formulaic application of marketing tactics (essentially a numbers game) this book should expand your vision of how much more can be achieved with imaginative thinking and coordinated creative execution across channels. The right marketing can become an engine for generating customer advocacy and unpaid distribution. THAT is the formula to apply – and Tom knows how!
    Sarah Fay Managing Director, Glasswing Ventures
    Andrew Wheeler
    Being in the business of helping brands leverage content to tell authentic stories that engage people and build relationships, I strongly encourage you to read Tom Shapiro’s Rethink Lead Generation. It will not only open your eyes to the power of creativity and lateral thinking in content marketing but will also deliver a firehose of ideas for you to explore in achieving greater leads growth.
    Andrew Wheeler CEO, Skyword
    Jeff Coyle
    If you want extreme results, you can’t rely on common practices. Tom walks you through bold and innovative ways to transform your lead generation results. The book will help you rethink your strategy and push you to achieve far more for your business.
    Jeff Coyle Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer, MarketMuse
    Viji Davis
    I worked with Tom for more than six years as his team managed our network of 45 global websites and saw firsthand how deeply he thinks about driving leads growth. We continually brainstormed new ways to capture more leads, and with his help our company grew exponentially over that time.
    Viji Davis Principle, IRI (formerly CMO at Resolution Media)
    Roger Dooley
    If leads are the lifeblood of your organization, you need to read Rethink Lead Generation. The “best practices” you are trying to follow may be ineffective or even harmful. Shapiro offers a fresh take on how to get leads, even in highly competitive environments.
    Roger Dooley Author of Friction and Brainfluence
    Gabi Zijderveld
    Being more innovative than the competition really pays off. I’ve experienced it firsthand. Tom Shapiro shows you how creative approaches to organic lead generation can ignite impressive results. His enthusiasm is contagious, and his endless flow of ideas is energizing.
    Gabi Zijderveld Chief Marketing Officer, Smart Eye
    Nancy Harhut
    Packed with eye-opening, yet actionable advice, Rethink Lead Generation shows you exactly how to transform your lead generation approach to get the results you need today. Read it and you’ll feel like Tom is right in the room with you, passionately guiding you to idea after idea that will drive your lead growth to new heights.
    Nancy Harhut Chief Creative Officer, HBT Marketing
    Kenneth Kinney
    Get ready for greater growth. If you’re looking for a new way to think about lead generation, a “rethink” if you will, then you will really enjoy Rethink Lead Generation. Tom additionally provides thoughtful insight to how content marketing and SEO provide real fuel to your lead gen engine.
    Kenneth (Shark) Kinney Host of A Shark’s Perspective Podcast

    About the Author

    Tom Shapiro is the Founder and CEO of Stratabeat, Inc., an organic growth agency in the greater Boston area specializing in SEO, content development, content marketing, design, and account-based marketing. Tom has developed marketing strategies for some of the world’s leading companies, including Intel, GE, Hewlett-Packard, AT&T, UnitedHealthcare, and P&G.

    Tom’s career has been defined by growth. He helped a client grow by 5X within two years,  helped another grow organic traffic by 3,000% within 2.5 years, and has substantially increased leads for countless others.

    Previously, Tom was Director of Digital Strategy at the digital marketing agency iProspect, where he helped the firm grow from 85 employees to more than 700 in a five-year period. Prior to that, he engineered the U.S. market entry strategy for a British software localization firm, tripling revenue in the process.


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    Lead Generation

    Too many of today’s approaches to lead generation are predictably going to fail your business. You need to break through.

    Read Rethink Your Lead Generation and learn how to push your chips into the center of the table and make big, bold bets for big, bold results.

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