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Rethink Your Marketing

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Unleash Revenue Growth

If your business is stagnant or your marketing efforts have you frustrated, get ready to turn things around. Rethink Your Marketing teaches you 7 strategies to identify the specific levers of your marketing that will lead to revenue growth.

Learn to cut through the noise to what truly moves the needle.

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Interviews With Marketing Leaders

Rethink Your Marketing includes marketing wisdom from more than 50 companies.

Want to know how Russell Weiner, President at Domino’s Pizza, created the fastest-growing restaurant in the U.S.? Want to know how Jerome Hiquet, CMO at Tough Mudder, is plotting the brand’s future growth? This book’s got you covered!

Uncover insights drawn from interviews of marketing leaders at the following companies, and more:

This book is full of ways to unlock your brand’s growth potential. Rethink Your Marketing uses real-world examples and scientific research to back up its highly actionable strategies. If your business is stuck in low gear, this book will get you moving!

Roger Dooley

– Author of Brainfluence: 100 Ways to Persuade and Convince Consumers with Neuromarketing

Tom has created a wonderfully concise, fun to read roadmap for all brands – no matter where they are in their life cycle – who are eager to 10X their growth. Rethink Your Marketing should be required reading for anyone working in a marketing role.

Andrew Wilson

– Account Executive, Google


Tom Shapiro is the Founder and CEO of Stratabeat, Inc., a branding, design, and marketing agency in the greater Boston area. Tom has developed marketing strategies for some of the world’s leading companies, including Intel, Hewlett-Packard, AT&T, eBay, Ameriprise, Kraft Foods, UnitedHealthcare, and P&G.

Tom’s career has been defined by growth. Previously, Tom was Director of Digital Strategy at the digital marketing agency iProspect, where he helped the firm grow from 85 employees to more than 700 in a five-year period. Prior to that, he engineered the U.S. market entry strategy for a British software localization firm, tripling revenue in the process. Before that, he led 250% growth at his previous employer.

Tom Shapiro
Tom Shapiro
Founder and CEO of
Stratabeat, Inc.


Tom’s thoughts have been published in a number of magazines and websites, including: 


Don’t fall into the trap of doing marketing based on what your competitors are doing, or what the media is hyping. Learn seven strategies to rethink your marketing, from your marketing mix to your revenue model, to unleash new growth for your business.