Rethinking Here, There & Everywhere

My thoughts on rethinking your marketing have appeared recently in Forbes, Chief Marketer, MarketingProfs, and others. Check out the articles and up your marketing game!

With the release of my book Rethink Your Marketing: 7 Strategies to Unleash Revenue Growth, various publications have been interested in publishing my thoughts based on the concepts in the book. Here are a few. I hope you find them useful.

How Rethinking the Marketing Mix Fuels New Revenue Growth

When your business hits a plateau, it’s critical to figure out a way to generate new growth. In my new book, Rethink Your Marketing: 7 Strategies to Unleash Revenue Growth, I write about the power of using your marketing mix to identify game-changing opportunities for your business. The marketing mix gets right to the heart of awareness-building, traffic generation, lead generation and customer acquisition. Read more…
Chief Marketer

Better Lead Gen in 2018 through Lateral Thinking

Many approaches to B2B lead gen are well known and commonly used. If you truly want to transform your lead gen growth consider the power of lateral thinking. Instead of incrementally improving on what your organization is currently doing, consider flipping it on its head in order to unleash untapped growth opportunities. Here are three ways to make use of lateral thinking in increasing your qualified leads. Read more…

3 Mad-Scientist Marketing Methods to Ignite Business Growth

If you were asked to define your next move to ignite revenue growth, would you suggest firing 60% of your clients? How about grinding iPhones in a kitchen blender? No? OK, how about deploying basketball-dunking sumo wrestlers? Read on, as I offer three effective ways in this article for you to use lateral thinking to reinvent your marketing and unlock new revenue growth for your business. Read more…

Why Your Marketing Goals May be Setting You Up For Failure (And What To Do About It)

Tom Shapiro, author of Rethink Your Marketing, shares the goal-setting framework he has created after helping hundreds of businesses with digital marketing strategy over 20 years. Many marketing teams fail to grow the business because they set the wrong goals or have the wrong goal management framework in the first place. See how to fix the problem. Read more…

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